Labor Policy

Pulse is committed to maintaining human rights and respect for their employees, comply with all relevant laws and regulations and other requirements, and to fulfill social responsibility.

Environment Policy

Pulse shall strive through planning and continual process improvement, to protect the environment, through prevention of pollution, reduced consumption of natural resource elements and materials, and comply with all relevant legal and other requirements.

Morality Policy

Pulse is complying with all relevant laws to follow the fair and honest operation and commit to safeguard employee’s security and intellectual property to avoid any unfair trade and retaliation.

Health And Safety Policy

Pulse is committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment to employees, and this is a major target, company should make efforts to this commitment.


Quality Policy

The corporate goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in quality, delivery and service. 
Pulse is committed and expects quality performance from every employee.
The company standard is defect free products and service.